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  Tiny Bubbles Truffles & Flowers Gift

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Current Nosegay Palette
Current Nosegay Palette

Tiny Bubbles Truffles & Flowers Gift
Tiny Bubbles Truffles & Flowers.

Hawaiian Islands, silver seas, and a ginger lei bring warm and happy feelings that won’t fade away. This Nonnie Waller’s Pillow-Top Classic floats passion-fruit-purple and orchid-pink bubbles on a moonlit ocean of iridescent brocade. Don Ho anyone?

$120 plus delivery *

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Includes well over 1 pound (19 pieces):
1 Foiled dark chocolate fan kissed with orange blossom
18 Tantalizing generously-sized truffles (4 bites in each one!):
  2 Coconut with toasted coconut on top
2 Marzipan with an almond sliver
14 Velvety Ganaches:

2 Pistachio with chopped Italian pistachios on top
2 Raspberry with a candied violet
2 Rich dark, dipped in dark with a dark drizzle
2 Rich dark, dipped in milk with a dark drizzle
2 Creamy milk, dipped in milk with a milk drizzle
2 Hazelnut with chopped roasted hazelnuts on top
2 White Chocolate, dipped in white with shaved white chocolate on top

Designer, fabric-covered oval box with padded lid
Fresh flower nosegay

Handwritten message card in your words

* Does not include candy dish.

* Because we do not use any waxes, preservatives or artificial ingredients in our handmade chocolates, we only deliver using priority overnight service. This helps to ensure that the chocolates you’ve selected arrive under the best possible conditions…just like you and we would expect.

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