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Diva Gallery Chocolates are available in these designs:

Diva Willow Jewel Green Brooch

Removable & Wearable Brooch

Diva Red Jewel Taj Mahal

Diva Turquoise Jewel Blue Topaz

Just a few left - Call to order

Diva Turquoise Jewel Orange Brooch

Removable & Wearable Brooch
Just a few left - Call to order

Diva Red Jewel Red Butterfly

Removable & Wearable Brooch

Diva Red Jewel Ruby

Diva Turquoise Jewel Pearl & Diamond


Each Gallery Chocolates gift includes:

Mirrored Diva Jewel Dresser Box
7 Gallery Chocolate pieces (3 ounces total):

1 Coconut enrobed in dark chocolate (round)
1 Dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate (beveled rectangle)
1 Raspberry ganache enrobed in dark chocolate (oval)
1 Solid white chocolate cherub
1 Pistachio ganache enrobed in dark chocolate (oval)
1 Milk chocolate ganache enrobed in milk chocolate (beveled rectangle)
1 Hazelnut ganache enrobed in milk chocolate (tear drop)

Handwritten Message Card
Emblem Keepsake Bag

Sateen Bags
Emblem Keepsake Bag

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